This should work out of the box with the following limitations:. The code is ordinary shell commands. This is done using modprobe 1 options or modprobe. After that, connect the device and make a new lsmod. Unless there is reason to use lirc above this is probably the way to go.

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Normally you could use this feature as-is. This is described in appendix 2.

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Another example is lirc serial drivers which conflicts with the kernel default tty driver. You might need to check that the driver is available using irrecord -H help.

That’s kind of a major thing, isn’t it? For most TV cards we rely on bttv autodetection. Samuel Hultgren taortan wrote on There is two ways to run irexec, both with their pros and cons.

TBS driver installation – LinuxTVWiki

Probably there’s a better way to do this, but this is what I did to test what made the module fail to load. Depending on your application, lirc-config-tool might be able to generate a starting point. You see a gegister restart, after that select nuvoton at receiver screen and none at the sender.


Depending on your box, it might be that the event device found this way changes after a reboot. Some of these are regular modules and should be available in any reasonably updated linux system.

This guide tries to describe the basic configuration steps for commonly used hardware. This is done using modprobe, using command line parameters to modprobe 1 or adding files xisagrees the modprobe. Comparing the different outputs might give a clue. These instructions are taken from here:. Currently I have it sending garbage keyboard signals through a pure disagree layer.

The first step is to create a simple configuration for just one key for the irexec application, dipping a toe into the water. The driver list gives some hints on the usage for each driver. You must tell Xorg to ignore the remote control, otherwise they would handle it as a keyboard.

In manual sort mode the remotes are used in the order they appear in the config file. To post a comment you must log in. If it starts to print out scan codes and key symbols everything is fine. It can be changed by providing an optional parameter to the –listen switch. Verify the results using irw 1 in another window. Can’t find the right public key– can’t check signature integrity. It runs lircd and irw as described below, making testing much simpler.


When using serial or parallel port hardware the proper kernel module must be loaded with correct options.

Configuration guide

You might try to search the web before walking this path, though. Excellent, this worked for me lirf. One is to patch the lircd. On the other hand, this is flexible and since irexec runs as root it can in the end do anything.

Apparently, a new version of the drivers for If you are to use the devinput driver, read on.